Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So. Where were we?

Ahh, yes, playing catch-up, as always ;)

Football, and why it's not *always* great to be a Tennessee Vol

We stink this year, y'all. I mean, seriously, just not any good. And while I'd love to blame our lack of any real defense (um, ONE semi-standout player cannot support the team) or adjustments with a new offensive coordinator, the truth is I'm laying this one squarely at the feet of our lack-luster QB, who, yes, stuck it out as a backup all those years behind Eric Ainge and is obviously being rewarded with the starting position for being such a good sport. But, um, screw good sports, I want a quarterback who doesn't repeatedly throw passes that bounce off the helmets of other players. You gotta aim a little higher, Crompton, if you want that ball to make it down the field further. Dear Santa, for Christmas this year I'd like our over paid lazy coach to recruit the dickens out of some real talent at QB. And don't let him try to tell you they just don't have enough cash to recruit. I live in Knoxville, *someone* is making money off all this orange.
I miss Peyton Manning.

The Desk Fish

Friends, last week marked the sad passing of my dear friend and work companion, Zoltron, Destroyer of Worlds (yes, that is his full name). My little grumpy-faced green buddy will be missed. He was laid to rest in the potted jasmine vine, a ceremony saved for only the most special of fish in the Hall household (most others opt for, *ahem*, burial at sea, if you know what I mean...). But let us not be sad, friends, for as the circle of life continues on, a new fish was welcomed to the desktop aquarium. He-who-has-yet-to-be-named was plucked from his tiny cell in a cup on a shelf at the local Petsmart and brought to our home and my office earlier this week. He was impossible to resist, as his coloring is just like that of the original desk fish, Sailor Jerry, (who remains my all-time favorite, if I'm allowed such partiality) and he was the most spunky, active fish on display that day. Since arriving at his new home, he has spent his time attacking his reflective nemesis, (making him look crazy) and sleeping on a leaf or in his cave (making him look dead). So far, a choice of name for the schizophrenic fella eludes me, but suggestions are welcome.

Let's see, what else...

(I'm saving yard stuff, and cooking/Bee bees, for another post)

Oh, yes!


So we've lived in this house for almost a year now, and I still don't really like walking in our neighborhood. There's no sidewalks, the cul-de-sacs are kind of boring to walk and the terrain is either completely flat or inconveniently straight up and down. Even the chance to sneak a peek into my neighbors houses held no thrills for me. So recently Matt and I jumped into the car and headed over to Campbell Station Park, which I've driven past a million times, always with intentions of checking it out one day. The park is adjacent to our local library branch and is only a 5 minute drive from the house. Y'all, I've completely fallen for the place. I love it. Love love love. The walking trail is fantastic--both paved and mulch paths lead up a hill at a moderate climb, nothing too taxing but still a good workout. If I do a warm up lap around the library trail and then head up the hill and back down twice, it's a solid 40 minute workout. If you put me on a treadmill for 40 minutes I'd want to shoot myself after 10, but this? This I can get into. After Matt went with me the first time I started taking the dogs, and now they come as well, and seem to be as excited as I am to go. Now we go every weekday. Today I had a lot going on and had almost decided not to go at all, but the dogs are so into the routine that they convinced me otherwise. Linus practically does backflips. Now that's a heck of a motivator :) SO, I'm going, I'm working out so much more during a week than I ever would otherwise, and the results (in addition to, you know, fitness and junk) is that my Daisy Bee bees numbers have been the best yet. So, yes, good for me :)

Okay, I'm sure thats enough for now, but as I said, more about the yardwork and some adventures in cooking next time...

Oh, yes, and here's a picture of the Danger Twins, Linus and Lucy, for their Aunt Hannah, who misses them!


christy said...

You know, it's nice to hear nice things about Peyton Manning after living in Baltimore (former home of the Colts) for nearly 8 years. Most of the folks there still quite bitter about the Colts sneaking to Indianapolis in the middle of the night some thirty-odd years ago.

Campbell Station park looks beautiful! Glad you found a place to go that's good (I totally agree about the treadmill-how can a device be pleasantly invigorating and torture at the same time?). There's a park near my place here, too, but not nearly so pretty!

Names for a schizo crazy fish...I'm drawing a blank. Maybe his reflection-attacking is a form of self-loathing, or flagellating...you could name him Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, the protagonist of Crime and Punishment. He certainly was a tortured character, and his internal struggle with his crime was certainly my senior year of high school punishment.

Wow, my comment is way long! I'm taking up your blogspace!

Becky Swann said...

that looks like an amazing place to walk, ellen and I have been walking a ton lately it's our thing

KatieKate said...

I looooove the picture of the bridge in that park. I'm gonna go build me one right now.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Awww so good of you to put pictures of the kiddos up!!!

Rylie would LU_HU_HUVE that fish!

sunday said...

i have been trying to get over here for days and keep getting distracted, but i love reading your posts so much. love the new fish you make me want to have a fish but then i don't want to clean out a fish tank. also love the park! i wish that we had something like that here. i mean we have the mountains and all, but i mean like a rambling greenway or something. love your dogs and their names!

Shanna Mac said...

i'm sorry for your loss. he looked like a good fish. good and kind and dashingly handsome.

LaFonda Seagrass--Annie bet me $1000 to name one of my girls this. Or Beyonce--i think i would have gotten more for that one, but i can't remember the full wager.

way to get out there and get your exercise on!! i hate treadmills. hate. hate. hate. i just got off one an hour ago, and i hate them more today than yesterday. i need a park...:(