Friday, September 19, 2008

Holy Pajamas, y'all...

I haven't blogged in like, forever. Guess we've been busy?

In lieu of actual blogging, I'm going to jot down a laundry list of things I intend to talk about just as soon as I get a chance (probably Sunday or so) to move some pictures around as well:
  • Football, and how really not good we are at it this year
  • The passing of my desk fish, Zoltron, Destroyer of Worlds
  • The new as-yet-to-be-named desk fish
  • Homemade Peanut Butter (!)
  • Splenda, and why I'm giving up baking with it
  • A Daisy Bee Bees number update and new A1C
  • My new walking obsession
  • Matt's yard maintenance insanity
  • The complete and utter tragedy that is my hair
  • Figs
Things that will not be discussed but you should know are equally on my mind:
  • How stinkin' cute all your babies are
  • How much I miss the ones of you that I haven't seen in ages
  • How cool it would be to hang out with the ones of you I've never met
  • How it's finally thisclose to being fall
  • How irritating it is that Coke won't come out with a caffeine free version of Zero
I think that should do us for a while ;) We'll talk more soon...


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

new walking obession!

i love that you put a picture on your signature! such a great one too!

Glad to see you posting again

christy said...

Can't wait to see expansions on the laundry list (I also am irritated that coke doesn't have a caffeine free zero - I seem to be growing more and more sensitive to caffeine all the time!)

Becky Swann said...

I feel like I always have running lists of things to blog about in my mind and I need to write them down because when I have time to blog I never remember them and just go on and on about how cute my baby is HA!

Hannah said...

Miss you too, Cort! You HAVE been busy!