Monday, September 29, 2008

It's almost here!

Days! Inches! Milliseconds! That's how long it is to fall, my friends. I don't care about "official" dates, for me, October 1st is FALL, no arguments
otherwise. The weather forecast seems to agree with me. Today? Mid 80's. Tomorrow? Same story. October 1st? UPPER 60's, Thankyouverymuch. And low 70's or better from there on out. *sigh* Oh, I heart you, October!

I'm never sorry to say goodbye to summer, no matter how much I anticipate it's return each year. Fall relaxes me, somehow--I start to think about slow cooked meals and lazy crisp Sundays and sweatshirts, and I can't stop sighing or smiling.

We're in a bit of a lull here, project-wise. Still waiting on contractors and borrowed tillers and such, the landscaping and pergola building has turned to wait-and-see priority. So instead, we spent our weekend reveling in football (even if Crompton continued to disappoint me-- your job's at stake now, bud), replanting fall window boxes, and planning for Halloween. Sunday morning we slept in, I made banana nut pancakes from scratch, and we sipped coffee in the sunroom and weighed our options for the day. Not having anything demanding on the schedule was, as Katie said, glorious.

Matt's relentless lawn-doctoring is paying off--after weekends full aerating, overseeding, and fertilizing, all our bare spots are showing signs of life, and this weekend we merely sat back and watched the babies grow. Every day the patches get greener and fuzzier, it's my Chia Yard :) Just a few more weeks and all should be well established (and we can go back to letting the dogs roam freely!). Next spring, it'll be like a brand new lawn, and my husband will be king of the yard once more!

So after a lovely and restful weekend, today is a Reset Day, and I feel renewed enough to be enthusiastic about restarting the week. I've got some canning planned for later in the week, and visions of apple sauce and pumpkin butter further into the month. Warm. Cozy. Homey. That's my October. How's yours shaping up?


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

good for you for being recharged and enthusiastic on a monday. maybe once i am not pregnant anymore i will feel the same way!!!

KatieKate said...

Oh, I lOOOOve the gourds. I think I may like gourds better than pumpkins. Hmmm. But, we're ready fro Fall around here, too. And I agree. Fall starts October 1. Amen.

Please come fix the grass in my front yard.

sunday said...

a fall post! how perfect. my favorite time of year for sure. i still think about our fall post from last year (can you believe it has already been a year).