Thursday, July 31, 2008

I would appreciate an upswing sometime today...

It's Thursday.

Last night, I could have sworn it was supposed to be Friday. That in itself is disappointment enough.

The doctors still haven't called.

I had a TICK on my BACK this morning.

My jelly won't set.

I think I'm getting a stye in my right eye.

Normally I would treat this kind of day with the classic Snickers/Fountain Coke remedy, but today I think we'll have to go with a can of Coke Zero, a Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom No Sugar Added "Candy Bar" (the closest relative of the Snickers Ice Cream Bar available), and the new episodes of Project Runway and Shear Genius on the TiVo in my office.

Any other helpful advice on improving my mood is always appreciated.


KatieKate said...

Give me the number to your doctor. I shall call.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Its going to get better.