Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Like orange peels and radicchio, that's me. Bitter.

Sometimes you just have to fess up and deal with it. Sometimes cheerful well-wishes and attempts to remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for aren't what you need. Sometimes you just have to pout a little and get it out of your system. So, you'll pardon me for a few paragraphs while I do just that...

As of this moment, no phone call from my docs. No results of the cortisol/ACTH testing. No word. I really am NOT a patient person, and I realize that today is technically only day 8 of the 7-10 days I was told I would have to wait for these results, but the waiting just does not sit well with me. Meanwhile, I am depriving myself all over the place, dietarily speaking, and my blood sugar continues to bounce all over the charts. Yesterday? 119, almost within normal ranges. Woo hoo! This morning? 187. I hate you, Daisy Bee Bees. Grrr. Also, while most of the side effects of the medication I'm taking have subsided, the lethargy persists. I am just shy of worthless these days. No motivation, all I want is to take a nap. I'm achy, I'm cranky--bless my poor husband's heart. My brain keeps coming up with projects that all sound like fun, and my body just yawns in response. I admit it, you guys, I'm a little depressed, and very worried that if these results finally do come back and it's *not* anything other than plain ol' Daisy Bee Bees, that situation will only get worse. Blah.

Also, I have to clean the fish tanks today. BOO.

Anyway. Thanks for indulging a gal. Let's talk about something else, shall we?

With freezer jam under my belt (and, OH, how awesome freezer jam is!) and refrigerator pickles now chillin' in my garage (as well as temporary amnesia of my previously discussed crisis of motivation), I've decided to give Jalapeno Jelly a try. The real deal, canned, sealed, etc. I think it's the pickle-high that's impairing my judgment. I mean, they look so pretty, right? Mine are made with Splenda instead of sugar, and I'm cursed with a fairly well developed sense of taste, so to me, while they taste great, I can tell how much deeper and richer a flavor they'd have with real sugar. Thanks again, Daisy Bee Bees! But I digress...seeing how lovely they are, and thinking of how much I'd love to create and can lovely jars of tasty treats to give as presents has me all wound up, and Jalapeno Jelly seems like the right first avenue to jump in. If that goes well, then maybe I'll outfit myself with a whole canning kit like this one. Or, you know, I'll do it once, add it to my resume, and move on ;) At any rate, I'm definitely trying out Jalapeno jelly while the bumper crop keeps rolling in from the garden.

While we were celebrating a nice tomato harvest last week, I decided to make a tomato pie, and it was pretty fantastic. Not exactly low carb, sorry Daisy Bee Bees, but since it was a one time treat, and since, for crying out loud, you gotta eat *some* carbs, I made it anyway. You guys, if I didn't have to restrict everything I eat now, I would eat this all the time! So amazing, if you don't already make this you have to try it now while the tomatoes are awesome!

Tomato Pie

Pastry for a two-crust pie (I cheat and use the store bought pastry all rolled up--almost as good as homemade and a damn sight easier)
3 or 4 good sized tomatoes, peeled and sliced
Basil (fresh if you've got it)
1/2 cup mayonnaise (I used reduced fat/cholesterol Canola oil Mayo)
2 cups shredded cheese (again, I used 2%) of your choice

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
After slicing your tomatoes, salt them and layer them in a colander to drain for 10-15 minutes--this will help remove some excess water and keep your pie from being soggy. Meanwhile, mix the mayo and cheeses (I used a cup each of cheddar and a mozzerella) with a little salt and pepper to taste. Pat your drained tomatoes dry with a paper towel, and layer them in the bottom of your crust. If you're using fresh basil, layer the leaves on top of the tomatoes. If not, sprinkle the tops with crushed basil or italian seasoning. Spread the mayo/cheese mixture over the top, and add the top crust. Seal the edges, cut some vents, and brush with milk or a beaten egg if you'd like a nice, shiny top. Shield the sides of the crust with aluminum foil (or a pie shield if you have it) and bake for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and bake another 10-15 minutes, until the crust in golden brown and flaky. It's best to let this pie stand a few minutes before cutting--the molten cheese will solidify a bit and you will get a less oozy slice of pie--but I admit it's difficult to wait, the smell will be amazing! Serve alone as a tasty warm lunch (this would be great at brunch, too), or with a nice green salad for dinner. Simple, yummy, even vegetarian (although, you know, you *could* add chopped cooked bacon to the cheese mixture if you're feeling crazy).

So, there you have it, a little "thank-you" for letting me vent my Daisy Bee Bees frustration. You guys deserve it. Cross your fingers for a phone call this afternoon, I promise to keep you all posted!


sunday said...

the tomato pie looks amazing. thanks again for sharing. you can always vent, that is what blogs are for!

KatieKate said...

Just shy of worthless...

I know that feeling well :)

Darlin'... we love you here. You vent, cook, yell, and can all you want. I'll be here everytime.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

ohhh I want to eat that pie!!!