Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catching up...

So I've got lots of random chunks of thoughts that are going to go towards making a real whole blog entry, and I'm apologizing for it in advance ;) You all love me, you'll bear with me, I just know...

Pottery Class

I'm totally loving wheel throwing, and finally getting the hang of it. I've been Okay at various stages of the process (and never at the same time--I was great at trimming the first pots I threw, which were of course, all wonky. Then I threw some decent pots, and trimed a whole right through one and slipped a bit on the other, so it no longer sits level--*sigh*), but yesterday everything was clicking on the wheel, and I managed to throw a few pots that won't require quite so much trimming later, so I'm hopeful for a piece or two that doesn't look like it was made by a Kindergarten kiddo. I do actually have a complete, glazed, and useful piece in my possession, our first class project that was NOT thrown on the wheel. Isn't it pretty? Hopefully I'll have some more pictures of actual thrown pots soon! I've got three to glaze next week!

Pimpin' the Deck

So, Spring=Sprung 'round these parts now, and suddenly the deck is my new favorite room. In the past week we've added a plant stand, and umbrella for the table (clearance + Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons = Awesome deal for the Halls!) and my new personal favorite, an incredible, top 0' the line grill as an early birthday present from my parents (thank you, Dad and Sam's Club!). I still hear my mother's superstitious voice ringing in my ears about planting annuals before Mother's Day, and that is the one and ONLY thing that is holding me back from potting up a storm, but I'd say in a week or two, the itch will have become overwhelming. In the mean time, the pansies out front are bloomin' like crazy, and the red buds and dogwoods are about to make Knoxville the fairly land in April that I dream about in January.

Food in Various Forms (You Aren't Surprised, Eh?)

Today, my friends, is EGG ROLL DAY.
I only make egg rolls once or twice a year, because, well, it's fairly labor intensive, it involves a lot of frying, and, frankly, once I make them we eat them NON STOP FOR DAYS ON END, until they are all gone. These egg rolls will ruin restaurant egg rolls for you, and don't even speak to me about the frozen ones. I usually get the bug to make them in the spring (maybe they're spring rolls?), and every now and then Matt is allowed to request them for special occasions. Oh, glorious egg rolls, how I love you! How can anything go wrong on Egg Roll Day?

I have to thank Homesick Texan for introducing me to real, good, not at all made from cube steak Chicken Fried Steak. My loathing for what my mother referred to as Country Style Steak is so thoroughly documented in our family's history that it is actually carved onto a family heirloom dining room table. But this, my friends, is a whole other animal. Served with cream gravy, too, which, in all honestly, is my favorite component of my favorite meal of all time (my mother's fried chicken, rice, and torn up sliced bread, all covered generously in the stuff). This blog also let me in on a secret--that here in the south, you can get a whole loaf of Texas Toast style bread and make your own toast, the way God and Texas intended, with just butter. Garlic bread is NOT Texas Toast, and I always knew that in my heart. Unfortunately, now that I know I can get this bread any time I want, I am completely addicted. A bread-and-butter diet can NOT be good for you.

Speaking of butter, man, I loved making that homemade butter. I should have taken pictures, and next time I make it, I will. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of a Thursday evening dinner on the porch, where I snacked on seared salmon nuggets, homemade bread and butter, and crackers with cream cheese and hot pepper jelly. I swear, I DO eat vegetables, all the time. Clean simple veggies with no cheese even. And SALADS, we eat salads too. But there's rarely photographic or journalistic evidence, so you'll just have to believe me.

And finally, I leave you with this:

Yes, we really do have a chandelier in our garage.


KatieKate said...

Yay YAY for chicken Fried Steak. Woman, you have to love it.

Please share on the egg rolls and the butter. A women with chickens should know how to make butter an, I confess, I never have. I know. I KNOW.

And, love the light in the garage :) Why NOT have a chandelier in your garage? WHY NOT.

CortneyTree said...

If anyone should be making their own butter, Katie, it is you and your chickens! I'll shoot you an email shortly...

Honeyspy said...

I still hear my mother's superstitious voice ringing in my ears about planting annuals before Mother's Day

Considering they're predicting SNOW for this weekend (Monday?) I'm going to award this round to your mom.

Cybele's candy came today! I'll have goodies for you on Tuesday!

sunday said...

with would love the chicken fried steak, I on the other hand might pass on that one. my parents being from the North we did not eat "southern" food that often. i am learning to love it b/c of worth though. i think i might be interested in this butter as well. homemade bread with homemade butter. oh my!

Michie said...

Hello, I just tagged you on my blog!