Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend Warriors...

Just so no one thinks all we do is eat (though that does compromise a large portion of our lives), I thought I'd update on the goings-on here at Nueva Casa de Hall (the end of this month marks 6 months in this house, woo!). Matt is, as we speak, perched high atop a ladder in the garage, installing the 5th of 8 huge shelves we hope will house all the Christmas boxes that are currently in storage. (Actually, as we speak, he's taking a break on the couch here in my office, but when I started typing, that's where he was...) It sounds weird to be excited about, but man, is our garage really coming together. It's the only one I know of with a chandelier :)

My project today has been to remove the dreaded sailboat wallpaper border from the powder room so I can finally paint over the French's Yellow Mustard paint with a nice, calm green. I was pleased to find that they had painted *almost* completely to the top of the wall before putting up the border--doesn't matter so much for this room, since I'm repainting the whole thing, but both bathrooms upstairs have borders I can't stand, but colors I like. I have been avoiding even tugging at those borders for fear that I'd find 6 inches of unpainted wall to deal with, but looks like I might be safe. Keep your fingers crossed.

It's been raining non-stop here for about, oh, 6 days straight (whoever came up with the whole "April Showers" saying must have lived here in TN, where April is the wettest month EVER). Tomorrow's forecast is for sunny skies and 76 degrees, so Matt will be mowing the wilderness that is our lovely green grass, and I'm going to spend the day out on the deck putting together a big plant stand, and probably painting a mirror. The mirror from my old bedroom suite dresser is exactly the right size for a space I've been looking to fill in the hallway, but it's currently hunter green--we're going to go for a black frame instead ;)

So, yeah, it's spring, it's wonderful, it's home improvement time. And later this week, I'm making eggrolls...


Honeyspy said...

You have a chandelier in your garage?


KatieKate said...

Are you serious?
Mowing grass?

You guys are making me tired.
Happy 6 months!!! It's seems crazy soon to be 6 months, but ok.

sunday said...

i am with katie, you guys are making me feel so lazy. look at all you are doing. amazing!