Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts...

I love April. I feel renewed.

I also feel like crap, thanks to the pollen, but I'm used to that.

One of these days I will write thematic posts again, instead of the random illustrated assortment posts I've been doing of late, but today, my friends, is not that day. SO, my pictures, let me show you them...

This first shot here, this is my view, every single morning, as I open up my front door. I love that redbud in the front yard, and I can't wait to get planting and really fancy up this joint ;)

Eggrolls, baby! Man, these were good. I made approximately 40. Yes, we ate them all. No, it took several days. I miss them already.

My aunt Micki and I have April Birthdays in common (hers is the 13th, mine the 22nd). She's an amazing cook, and since I've noticed that, when you can cook, other people rarely cook FOR you, I decided that she needed a very tasty, very girly, very springy birthday cake to celebrate. So, I made her this...

It was a lemon cake, with lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. The flowers and leaves were made from a basic buttercream frosting with just a hint of coconut. Micki says it was yummy, and I believe her ;)

I have one more project home with me now, a platter I made that had great potential until it warped, but I still love it. I did a count this week, and once I'm done trimming and glazing, I should have 10 thrown pots to show for myself, I can't wait to actually get those finished and home for you all to see. I may get a few hand built projects done too before all is said and done, and I've signed up for the summer session as well, now that my MAD SKILZ have been honed enough to make things that are uniformly round, will sit flatly, and won't injure anyone with their heft or sharp rims. Yay for me! I have really loved this, now if I can just convince Matt I need a wheel and kiln of my own....

I have lots of to-do's on my list today (note to self, cross "blog post" off my list)--the fish tanks need cleaning, I still have some nagging bits of wallpaper border stuck in the bathroom, I never did get that mirror painted, and as always, laundry threatens to swallow me whole. But, you know, it's freakin' gorgeous out, so I feel like I can deal with whatever the day brings my way. I'm using the rotisserie on the new grill for the first time tonight, we're having grilled bacon wrapped corn and snap peas to go with the meat, and I think a shopping trip may be in order for later--the boy needs new shoes and momma could use a nice new spring purse, or at the very least some Yankee Candles to make the house smell purty.

Michie tagged me for seven random things
, look for that next time--I think I'm going to list some guilty pleasures...

Have a great weekend, y'all, and then don't forget to tell me all about it ;)


KatieKate said...

I am moving in with you.
Homemade eggs rolls?
Imperfect homemade platters with red flowers on it?

Just think of all the laundry we wouldn't do together if we lived next door to each other! I imagien lots of yelling through windows: Cort! Go to www.crazynew we need that!

CortneyTree said...

Please do! I am lonely in Knoxville and we could make a fortune on the craft fair circuit. I will feed you cake and eggrolls anytime you want :)

Michie said...

I am so impressed with the cake you made! Can you virtually teach me to do that? I think the platter looks great too. I can't wait to hear about those guilty pleasures! LOL