Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a Tuesday Mixed Bag O' Stuff!

Ahh, January.

I have battled The Funk, and have come out on this side with just a hint of lingering cough. And I am a renewed woman. Matt is slightly afraid of my sudden renewed vigor, I think. When he called yesterday to check on me and I rattled off my laundry list of accomplishments (including laundry, ha! and a shower before noon!) he was floored. Ha HA! Take that, Monday! Monday got SPANKED by Cortney, y'all. It was glorious.

Today, well, today is Tuesday, and while I have plans and lists and goals, today is not quite what Monday was. At least, not yet. But Matt has class tonight anyway, so my deadlines shift a bit ;)

I have a new obsession. (I get those easily, have y'all noticed?) I am totally in love with BBCA's How Clean is Your House?. You must watch it. It's no secret that Love, Actually made me pine for a British-accented tot, and now this show has made me want a sassy Englishwoman in pearls and feathered rubber gloves to live in my house and teach me how to clean my drip pans properly with bicarbonate of soda, washing up powder, and a squirt of lemon juice. In two days I've watched nearly seven hour-long episodes (while cleaning house, of course, I *multi-task*, thank you), and every time a new one pops up on the TiVo I positively squee! with delight. And the best part certainly is that my house is SPOTLESS. You can't watch this show and NOT want to at least tidy up. Last night after dinner, while Matt spent time in his man-cave (currently the garage) happily putting together shelves like a kid with new toys, I sat on my freshly Febreezed and de-furred couch, surrounded by polished wood and lit candles, grinning like a fool.

Now that I'm no longer sick or otherwise germ-bearing, I'm back to meal planning as well. We're doing quite well in the New Year with both the budget and the meals, sticking to the quasi-resolutions I made for us. Tonight, meatloaf sandwiches (thanks to the leftovers from my magnificent meatloaf dinner yesterday). Tomorrow, our friend Ryn is coming over to get a quick house-sitting primer (we've got a weekend *thing* out of town next week), and we're all making sushi. I'll take pictures.
Thursday is a new recipe for Cheddar soup, with some rye croutons and a green salad. Friday, glorious Friday, my favorite day of the week, is "Take-Your-Wife-Out-On-A-Date" night, and said wife does not have to cook on dates. Saturday I'm breaking out a freezer container of sauce for spaghetti, and Sunday I'm roasting up Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes (none for Katie), and another good ol' green salad. We're bringing salads back in 2008 here at Nueva Casa de Hall.

My completely inexplicable weight loss continues. Since summer, I am down two + pants sizes, and I swear to you all, I have done nothing unusual to deserve this. Either I was just DUE, karmically speaking, or I have a tapeworm. I have named him Charlie, and I will continue to feed him whatever he wants. I love my tapeworm.

And now I must go. A bird I have not yet seen just showed up on my deck, so I must investigate! Where's my Audubon book?...


KatieKate said...

Oh, how I wish I had that channel to tivo. I would watch with glee, too. My favorite of all time was Clean Sweep- oh the glory of dumping a room onto your driveway and then buying CONTAINERS!!! to organize everything. I could just absolutely die.

The new bird is a messenger from me. Hello! he says!!!

KatieKate said...

And, no...
I do not want any of your mashed potoatoes with sock cheese.

CortneyTree said...

More deeelicious, creamy sock cheese for me! My brother, who is also a fairly fearless gourmand, will not touch the stuff either. That means TRIPLE the sock cheese for moi.

If I had a working VCR, Katie, I would tape episodes of this show and send it to you. My catalog of Britishisms is growing by leaps and bounds, you would love it!

Quirky said...

I haven't ever seen the show, but if you'd like to come over and practice on my house, I wouldn't mind.

Also, tell me more about your buddy Charlie. Cause I'd really like to drop a pant size or two without changing anything. Does Charlie have a friend?