Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have, officially, nothing to do today. Try not to be jealous. I just realized it myself--no dinner dates, nothing to clean, no impending laundry of doom, even the garage is organized and happy. No vet appointments, no chores, nothing pressing that just can't wait. I am ecstatic, dumb-struck with glee.

So, um, now what?
Yeah. What kind of bird is this?

This is Bella. She is one of two matching dogs that live next door, and she has, apparently, developed a taste for birdseed. Every morning when my neighbor Brian leaves for work, Bella escapes for a few minutes of freedom, and comes bounding through my yard. It is one of my favorite things EVER, and I will miss little Bella when they eventually move (their house has been for sale since we moved in--come buy it and live next to me!).

Last night's sushi dinner was a delightful. Ryn brought along her roommate Megan and a great bottle of wine, and we all rolled sushi till we couldn't take it anymore, and ate till rice was coming out our ears. Good times.

So now I'm off to shower, and prepare for my lovely, lazy, open day. Except that our contractor just called and is coming by later to repair our screwed up wall where the pipe burst last week. So, as usual, I spoke too soon. But, really, opening the door for the contractor? Not that big a chore, in the grande scheme and all :) What are you doing today?


KatieKate said...

a 'weekend' home in Tennessee...

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

the obvious neutral decision.....

num rylie would say!!!