Friday, December 9, 2011

4 Months and change...

Clearly, monthly posting at best is what we are looking at for a while, huh? I'm sure we can all live with that.... ;)

Ellie Bea weighed in at 12lbs 13oz at her 4 month check up, which was just after Thanksgiving. I'm guessing we're well into the 13lb mark by now, and my mind is continually blown when I pull and outfit out of the dresser drawer only to find that she no longer fits in it.

One of her favorite things in the world to do now is have Mommy or Daddy pull her up to standing so she can show off what a big girl she is. Her head control is pretty excellent these days.

She would rather chew on her hand than anything in the world.

She has started sleeping through the night on occassion. At first it was just on those nights that she refused to go to bed or days where lots of activity had worn her out, but this week she's even slept through an entire evening with, really, no particular reason. It's down right glorious, but I'm not planning on getting used to it, she likes to throw me curve balls.

She is, of course, too young to notice Christmas going on around her, but that hasn't stopped us from dressing her for the season, and decorating her room with her own little tree and a wreath on her door (a coffee filter wreath Mommy made just for her). Mommy is also making her a special present, a new mobile for over her crib, since lately she is fascinated by any and every thing hanging above her head.

She has lots of new sounds this month, including blowing raspberries and a high pitched, squealy sound that is suspiciously similar to the way the cats talk.

Still no teeth, but she is insanely drooly. She's tried some rice cereal, which was met with complete ambivalence, so clearly no rush there.

She has rolled over exactly three times, clearly she is in no rush there either, and it's killing her Daddy. She is the smiliest little smiley bear that has ever lived, but she flatly refuses to give us a real laugh. Mommy has managed to illicit a chuckle once or twice, but Ellie Bea appears to be keeping the good stuff in reserves for leverage in negotiations after the holidays.

We have our own little ritual where I kiss her on each cheek and then the nose while saying, "Mommy will kissyou and kissyou and kissyou," which is nauseating if you aren't related to us or perhaps if you don't have children and understand how impossible it is to NOT be nauseating when talking to this Snugglebug. She is my adorable baby girl, and I want to pinch her cheeks and eat her toes and squeeze her all day long. And so I shall...

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