Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A day late (and a dollar short?)...

...on the weekly update, but yesterday was a busy day.

Matt and I are gutting the Christmas Decoration Collection, along with most of the garage, and yesterday it was just all. too. much. But today, back at work and with a few spare moments to myself, I'm here and ready to blog.

There are a couple of exciting things in the works (though KatieKate has me beat on big news, congrats Mulders!) that have me all happy today. On the hobby-that-one-day-may-help-pay-bills front, I've finally got all the materials I need to get my crafty mojo working, and as soon as I have dabbled some more and have viable pictures, I'll let you guys in on it all. But suffice it to say I'm very excited and hope this new little venture blossoms appropriately. Etsy look out!

On the hobby-turned-job-that-is-*currently*-helping-pay-bills front, I got some exciting news at work today, and it looks like I will indeed be training next week as the 'second' decorator at the bakery. I'll still be pulling front of house duties for a while, still scooping cookie dough and ringing up sales, but discussion of ramping up the cake portion of our business in the future all sounded perfectly dreamy. There was even talk of an up-front decorators "nook" to replace the tiny decorators space we currently have in back, with windows so everyone who comes in can watch in awe as Dorothy and I create our tasty masterpieces. It's still all very tentative, so I'm not going to get my knickers in a bunch just yet, but the prospects are rosy.

Finally, I've got the bones of a blog devoted to my cakes up and running, and hopefully will have that fleshed out in a week or two. Thanks to you all, my bloggy buddies, for the suggestion! When I decided to take cake decorating classes I never would have dreamed that a few short tumultuous years later I'd be looking to make it my profession, but I have to admit that I'm thrilled with all the new prospects my little "hobby" has presented me with. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll be back to keep you posted ;)


JMS said...

I've always wanted to be able to pay bills with my creativity, but so far, that hasn't worked out! Good luck with the cake decorating! I know my friend really loves doing that and has made some beautiful things!


Shanna Mac said...

knickers in a bunch...panties in a wad...fifth grade...what was that man's name?!?!

Shanna Mac said...
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KatieKate said...

Thanks for the congrats! I'm expecting a surprise visit from you this August with your Second Cake Decorator nametag and a WELCOME BABY#2 cake in-hand.

I'm not kidding.

sunday said...

this is all so thrilling! So the cake blog is not up yet, right? can't wait to see that one! so happy things are going so well for you.

Courtney said...

Oh wow.. I didn't know you did cakes! That is so cool. I watch Ace of Cakes and cake competitions on Food Network and I dream about being that good. I am no where near that.. but you are awesome. I look forward to seeing what you are creating and the cake blog! Sounds exciting!!