Thursday, April 17, 2008

OH, and also!

Matt and I are participating in the Knoxville MS Walk. We're on a team with our friend Amber, who is in Matt's class at Tusculum. She was diagnosed with MS last year and is already walking with a cane because of the devastating effects of the disease. We're both proud to walk for (and with!) Amber and to help raise money for research to end the suffering of those with MS for good.
Even the tiniest bit helps, and if you can't donate, please, pass this link on to others, anything to get the word out and support the cause!
Thanks Blogland!

Donate To the Amberlators!


sunday said...

i am several posts behind! first~ that is awesome that you are doing the walk!
second~ oh my goodness that last post was amazing! that cake is gorgeous and really puts me to shame! that platter is so cool. the egg rolls look amazing. have you given us that recipe yet? my word you are some kind of cool.

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Me Too!! and you just made me want sooooommmmme Egg rolls


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

Happy Birthday to you !!!!

CortneyTree said...

Thanks Jessica!

sunday said...

Happy late birthday! I just saw that on Jessica's blog. She is so good at birthdays!