Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A post about posting. Sort of.


Didn't Sunday just mention that? I thought so.

That's what this is for. A place holder, if you will, a post with some random thoughts, as well as promises that you all are on the hook to hold me accountable for. I know, it's a lot of responsibility, but I have faith in you all. So, on with my virtual post-it note...

*1) Broccoli.
I still owe you all a Broccoli Cheese Casserole Recipe, I haven't forgotten, and I even have the pictures uploaded. I promise that will come, cross m' heart and all that jazz. Which leads us to...

(*I have determined that these will be numbered, for completely arbitrary reasons only I know.)

2) Other recipes in general.
I have a dynamite, can-be vegetarian, must love mushrooms and still eat eggs, super-fast and filling recipe to share as well, one that even my mushrooms-are-suspect husband ate willingly for dinner and everything on Thursday. It is SO GOOD I made it again for myself for lunch today, and y'all know I don't do repeats.

3) Even more cooking adventures.
I have decided that I am going to make my own butter this week. This is neither economically advantageous, nor particularly any more healthful (it's BUTTER, afterall), but I have decided it's something I must do. I checked the internet, and other people do it ALL THE TIME. I'm going to do it the same day I try this new recipe for homemade flour tortillas.

Do I have a blog for you, girl. It's where I happened across the afore mentioned tortilla recipe. Homesick Texan. Kindred spirits, you two. I can just tell. Now get your butt back here, the internet is lonely without you.

5) This wasn't originally going to all be food related, but here we are.
I decided I want to start an Oprah's Book Club of Food. Like, as a group, every week one person could pick a recipe to try, and at some point during the week we would all cook that recipe and take pictures and post about how it went and what was good and what was wrong and etc, etc. Don't y'all think that would be fun? Anyone game? I say we start with a recipe from Homesick Texan... ;)

6) Non-cooking posts too!
I have never posted any pictures of our bedroom/bathroom, mostly because it has been, up to now, a colossal work in progress. But it's finally coming together, and I'm excited about the coverlet I just bought, so I took some pictures and I'm going to post about having a grownup room for the first time in my 30 something years. So, there's that to look forward to...

Turned out cute, y'all. Not *exactly* Katie Holmes, but cute. I even stole her color. But pictures are for another post, for two reasons: I'm still working out the kinks with blow drying these bangs, and I currently have a, *ahem*, blemish just below my lip that is so severe, it has actually caused my bottom lip to swell on one side. I'm not sure what kind of nuclear-level pimple I'm cultivating deep below the surface of my skin (I think it goes all the way to my jaw bone, y'all), but I want no photographic evidence of this thing, particularly when it makes my already-crooked smile more pronouncedly (that *is* a word, spell check confirmed!) crooked.

8) And finally, a movie recommendation...
Or two, actually. Matt and I do the whole Blockbuster Online thing (ala Netflix), and there is often contention about who's movies dominate the list and much poo-pooing of each other's choices. So I always love it when we BOTH get a good pick in the mail. This weekend we watched The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, and I LOVED IT. The boy loved it, of course, but SERIOUSLY, I. loved. it. All the drama and subterfuge and manipulation of this little world just sucked me in and eventually I couldn't even remember I was watching a BOY movie about BOYS playing BOY games and whatever. Damn you, heartwrenching video game movie! You got me!!
To balance the boy-ness of Kong (and No Country For Old Men, which we also watched), Matt endured Waitress with me--except that he totally enjoyed it and he will never say he did but he did and now I've written that on the internet for the whole world to see, ha. Blog-Girlies, y'all will dig this movie, I promise. Cute but not schlocky, frank, funny, this was a gooood chick flick, and if the final scene doesn't make you tear up and smile, well, you don't like babies anyway.

Okay, I'm off to eat leftover Corned Beef and Colcannon....recipe post day is next!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

I saw the pictures for broccli casserole last post....yummy.....cant wait for it!

Agreed with Oprah's food/book club

I had a dream last night the you, me shanna, hannah, and a few others met for dinner. but your mom had to go with us or we couldnt get in. She was trying to stay out of the way so she wouldnt ruin our "coolness" so she ate before she came, wore a big hat and sunglasses....it was all so funny and so like we were in middle school again.... haha

KatieKate said...

Man, it sure does do a hear tgood to be missed! I shall check out the site you left for me... love it already. And we are ready for the casserole as well- mmm mmm.

This is the third time I've tried to post and Blogger keeps eating it.

I LOVE Katie Holmes, too and I simply cannot explain it. But I'd like to see your hair :)

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

i'm hungry.

and i want casserole. a very cheesy, unhealthy, non-vegan casserole.

mama made me watch the waitress with her. LOVED it!

gonna go eat...again (meal #8)...

sunday said...

i like the waitress too, and i think worth did as well. he will every now and then mention some sort of pie he would make. i like the food idea. i have to tell you something, i hate to do it, but i am no fan of broc. although i am sure yours is wonderful.

sunday said...

i like the waitress too, and i think worth did as well. he will every now and then mention some sort of pie he would make. i like the food idea. i have to tell you something, i hate to do it, but i am no fan of broc. although i am sure yours is wonderful.

sunday said...

why did my comment post twice? blogger is so weird!

CortneyTree said...

You guys are so funny.

Sun, I promise I won't judge you for not liking broccoli. I don't like watermelon, and you should hear the response that gets--always makes me feel like I have to apologize for not liking it!

Jess, I would pay good money to have seen my mom in that dream--she's swell for not wanting to ruin our coolness!

I'm so glad y'all saw and liked Waitress.

I expect to be blemish free next week, so hopefully hair pictures then ;)