Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it too early for a nap?

So, it's Wednesday.

Brad and Angelina are having twins
, Sweet Mary Ann got 6 months probation for marijuana possession, and Madonna is as tasteless as ever. It's a weird, wild world, y'all. To complete my strange celebrity obsessed week, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, and I'm taking in this picture of Katie Holmes. I don't care how weird her life is, girl always looks dynamite, and THOSE are the bangs I want.

I have a headache that Will. Not. Die. I think I was over-concentrating in pottery class last night (I made a platter!) and paid the price on the drive home, when the slight eye strain became a dull thump and then a throb and now it's that kind of ever-present ache right behind my eye ball. Grrrr. It's s'posed to be a lovely day, let's not spoil it!

Have I mentioned how totally lame I am? Yes? I thought so. This occurred to me again this week as I realized how much I love my routines. If you had told me even five years ago how much I would enjoy the quirky regularity that I've built into my life, I would have laughed and laughed and then gone out and got another tattoo--just to show you--but truly, since the dust of moving and the holidays and what not have settled, I'm rockin' my routine. Mondays I clean--which is to say, BIG cleaning, since I tidy and run the robot vacuum and do laundry just about every day--usually because Matt and I LIVE in the house on the weekends, and it's amazing to me how messy one house can get when two people are there together for 48 hours straight. Tuesdays I make my meal plan for the week and go do the shopping, and Matt and I both have class that night (at least, for now, while I'm taking pottery). Matt meets with his school group on Thursday and I take a bubble bath. We always go out to eat on Friday nights. We always wind up at Lowes on Saturday, with all the other lame married people. It's a PATTERN, y'all, and I'm in love with the boring monotony of it all. LOVE. What can I say?

We took another trip to the dog park, where Linus continued to drool and both my anti-social, non-pack conforming children continued to refuse to play with the other dogs. But we're getting there. We figured out that if Matt and I walk laps around the park, the dogs trot way out in front and actually verge on independent exploration. At one point, the dogs went left and we went right, and Lucy actually completely lost us in the crowd for several minutes, which was awesome until I almost cried watching her search for us. Hmm, perhaps I *do* know where her dependency issues come from, after all... Anyway, next trip I'm taking my camera, if for no other reason than to show you all JUST HOW MUCH DROOL we're talking about here.

Okay, I have to go empty the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen, which is actually my only scheduled event today--maybe I'll go shopping. WHILE I'M AT WORK, 'cause workin' from home is cool like that.


Becky Swann said...

I enjoyed reading this whole post, it entertained this prego who is taking it easy at home today. I can't wait to see the hair, she does always have good hair and you don't have to convert to scientology to have hair like hers.

CortneyTree said...

I'm happy I could entertain while you take it easy and gestate ;) Your post scared the crap out of me, even though I knew it all turned out okay! Actually, let's be honest, it's just LABOR that scares me, and we aren't even trying yet. You guys handled the whole thing fantastically, though, and I'm so glad all is well with little Ellen! Her room is coming along beautifully, I just love that you picked a non-traditional color, and you have totally inspired me, if we have a girl one day I'm jumping on the chubby birdy bandwagon :)

sunday said...

okay maybe I am weird but I like Katie Holmes. I think she always looks amazing and is probably pretty happy. I know I am stepping out of the box here, but that is what I think. Go for it. Love a routine too. I only do laundry on saturday, all of it. I am pretty wild.

CortneyTree said...

You ARE wild, Sunday!
I like Katie too--I say if you find someone that may and/or may not be crazy, but he makes you happy, marry him and have adorable babies, crazy or not. That's what I did ;) (just kidding, honey.)

I'm proud to be stealing her hair cut!

Hey, how are the cakes going?!

Quirky said...
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Quirky said...

Don't worry...Mason and Dixon are also "big boned". Dixon hasn't actually been up on the tree yet, but it supports Mason no problem, and he's probably about 16-17 lbs.