Thursday, November 1, 2007

Picture Tease

Ok, so I don't have pictures of everything (there are none of the upstairs yet), but I wanted to be a good kid and go ahead and post *some* pictures from the new house. We're still battling boxes and there is still a ton of stuff at the other houses yet to be moved (like any and all furniture for the deck!), but, you know, I promised ;)

Honey, I'm home!! Check that mailbox!

Living room from the front door

Our favorite Wedding picture on the mantle :)

The Dining room is still somewhat of a disaster

Pantry!!! I HAVE A PANTRY!!!

The Family room/office--I'm in love.

Ye Olde Workspace :)

The puppies are enjoying the sunshine

My backyard view from the big ol' deck

Hey Y'all! I hate this bathroom color, I'm painting it first.
More later ladies--blogger hates me and my pictures, I don't even want to think about how long it took me to get these on here--still a newbie blogger. *sigh*


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

thanks cort...we heart your house!!!

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

PS I cant wait to see what you guys do to THIS house for Christmas!!!

KatieKate said...

Well, my my my...
such a lovely GROWN-UP house with a pantry and deck and real furniture and EVERYTHING. Nice job! It looks fabulous! You are so much further along on the unpacking htan I am and we've been here for over a year :)

CortneyTree said...

Thanks Jess! We'll have to ease these new neighbors into the whole Christmas with the Halls--should be interesting!

It is grown up, isn't it Katie? I feel like I'm living in someone else's house, and any minute they are going to come home and demand I move my furniture back out--it never looked that adult in either of our houses before! And it only appears as though I'm doing great on the unpacking--the upstairs is just SAD. Plus, you know, you had a kid since you moved in--I think you're allowed to take your time with boxes ;)

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

Adam and I are still moving PACKED boxes that we first packed up when we lived in TN and moved to Wilkes county. That was in 2002. Take as long as you need. Or just leave stuff in the boxes and put them in the attic.

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!!! And I actually like the bathroom color. I'd keep it. It makes one cheery in the morning.

And you're pretty damn cute, too:)

Need to go yarf...

CortneyTree said...

Should I be concerned that Shanna called me cute and immediately had to throw up? ;)

Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...

oh my word

that is hilarious!

sunday said...

love the house and when i was looking at the pictures i too thought, "how grown up"!

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

sorry for the yarfing comment following up your loveliness. no connection, my dear. i have to yarf ALL the time.

Trisha said...

Good post.