Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hold your applause...

Thanks for the compliments on the cooking skills, Shanna and Katie, but don't be that impressed--first, cooking is my hobby, and you both can sew circles around me, so we all have our strong suits. And second, it's not all the time, y'all. Tonight we are having very exotic Food City Brand Hamburger Helper. I pick my days just like I pick my battles ;)

I AM very excited about Katie's recipe exchange though, and have already typed up three of my favorites. You might get a bonus recipe or two from me, Kate, I have never been very good at narrowing...

Today Matt has gone back to work, his 5 day weekend ended and I am back to stay-at-home-alone status. I have chosen to celebrate by not showering and watching three back-to-back episodes of ER while I work. Impressive, no? Hopefully I will get some momentum going after lunch.

The Asian Tofu salad was awesome. Not hard, either. Let me know if you want the breakdown.

The house stuff is kicking my butt right now, I know we're making progress but it doesn't feel like it. Hopefully this weekend will make a big dent, and I can report back with good news and pictures.

Love you all!

(edit: I *am* making homemade granola today. sorry. I can't help it.)

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KatieKate said...

Thank you for bringing it back down to earth with the hamburger helper.

And I showered today! But you don't have to. Not at all.