Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today's List of Happy...

Clean white vinyl
No more hammering
Grilled Cheese sammiches for breakfast
My mother's new kittens
Leaving the back door open all day
Reruns of ER on TNT
20% off coupons for the new Thai/Sushi restaurant
Date night for the Halls
Electric sanders and fresh paint
Yankee Candles' Autumn Lodge and Autumn Leaves (I still can't smell Autumn Woods)
Sparkly clean fishtanks
Ceiling fans
Blueberry White Tea
Happy dogs
A husband who understands I'm not a morning person
Planning a garage sale
Blogfriends and teh intrawebs
The Friday Song (and Dance)


Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

your list of happy just made me tear up. my emotions/hormones seem to be out of wack.

and when is nat moving to nyc? i'm sorry. i know you'll be missing her.

are you heading to weaverville again anytime soon? i'm going to try to get there in the next few weeks (because we have to flea bomb--yippy!), and i'd love to catch up!

CortneyTree said...

I was actually talking to Matt today about running over to Weaverville sometime soon--particularly so my mom can show off the new kitties--so keep me posted as to when you think you'll be going and we'll try to come then too, I'd love to see you and to meet that adorable kid of yours!

Anyway, that's exactly what the happy list was for, I've had a rough couple of weeks at work and felt like all I had done recently was complain, so I sat at my desk and made the happy list and cried and felt better :)

Nat is looking to move this spring, she's got another 6 months or so on her lease here, and she's going to post her resume right around the first of the year to see what she can come up with--it's very exciting, and I'm thrilled for her, but I will miss her like crazy!