Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The bathroom situation...

Matt hates the bathrooms in my house.

I don't care, really, I'm fine with them, but Matt argues that if I were a foot taller, I'd understand more, for the truth is that the bathrooms in my house don't exactly provide privacy, a quality he has deemed quite important in a bathroom.

You see, there are two bathrooms in my little white house. One is on the front of the house, and it contains a window, and that window is, in fact DIRECTLY next to the front door. I do not have a shade on this window, and there are no blinds. In fact, all that covers this window is a lace cafe curtain. Only once has this been an issue for me, and that involved a surprise appearance of the UPS guy on a day when I wasn't expecting a package. However, and I do see his point, Matt is a 6'2" man who stands up a good deal of the time in there, and he goes into full panic mode staring through the lace in that window. When people ask me why we're renovating this house to sell instead of to live in, I should remember to tell them about that.

The other bathroom in my little white house is on the back side, and also upstairs. It has a much bigger window, which I have chosen to cover with only long sheer curtains. I don't believe my husband has ever set foot in this bathroom other than to *look* at it. This is the bathroom I showered in every day of my single life. There's me, naked, standing in front of a window covered only in sheer fabric. And I didn't care about that either, because 1) SECOND story, people, and on the BACK of the house, and 2) the house that abuts the back of my property is shielded by a thick row of trees. And, well, there is a #3), and that is simply my attitude that, if you want to look that badly, go ahead. You'll have to climb some trees and, trust me, I won't be doing anything even remotely interesting in there, so, you know, more power to ya. I'm sure my darling Matt finds this appalling in every way imaginable.

Which is why he will be so delighted when I tell him about my day today, in which I totally got his point. You see, the siding guys, they are working hard today. They brought and extra guy to help. And while the first two guys are busy hammering up siding on my front porch--the porch which is unfortunately right in front of the downstairs bathroom--the other guy? He's on the roof. In the back. Hammering siding onto the dormer window that is my upstairs bath.

I am stuck. I totally have to hold it until these guys decide to break for lunch.
Who's laughing now, eh?


Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

um, yes, this sounds like a problem. though i bet when a potential buyer comes to fall in love with your home, they won't think of such things. and then once they buy the property, which they immediately will, they can hang their own shade if need be. but perhaps they'll be of the nudist/exhibitionist variety and will very much appreciate granting the universe an interesting viewing pleasure, while in the legal "privacy" of their own home.

jess, rylie, lisser, trish, and han just left me. i'm lonely. come over...

CortneyTree said...

I bet you're lonely! I'm jealous, no one lives in Tennessee! And Natalie is going to leave me for NYC soon and I'll be DESTROYED. I need a Jetson car or a wormhole or something, everybody is just TOO FAR.