Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In case you haven't heard...


Yes, we're sure this time. Yes, that was a surprise. Yes, we are delighted. Of course, we were happy either way, and it certainly took a few days to readjust my world view, considering I had gotten pretty used to the idea that The Doodle was a boy. And, yes, Baby Girl Hall will have to spend the first few months of her life wearing a lot of blue (as much as I loathe hair bows on a bald little baby, I'm thinking I might have to subject the little girl to one out in public, lest her momma get in trouble for snapping at the people who mistakenly say, "What an adorable little boy!". It's cool, I never really liked pink that much anyway). The nursery and all the big ticket items we already purchased were picked with gender-neutrality in mind, and I so prefer greens and yelllows in decorating, it probably would have all gone that way regardless.

Friday evening after our earth-shattering ultrasound, we were driving home with a take-n-bake pizza, and suddenly I felt bubbles run up my expanding bump to my belly button. And thus, The Doodlebug's first kick was felt. I don't know if it was all that bouncing she did during the ultrasound, or the constant pressure of the scanning on my belly for an hour made me more aware of my uterus, but there it was. And I've been able to feel her tossing about in there ever since. When Matt asked what it felt like, I thought about all the comparisons I've heard (bubbles, fluttering, popcorn), but honestly, that sensation reminded me of something else entirely. "Did you ever fart in the bathtub as a kid? And the bubbles run up your back? That's exactly what it felt like."

So, according to the scan, Baby Girl's organs are all functioning as they should. She's right on target at an estimated weight of 13 oz. and her heart beats at a beautiful-sounding 148 beats per minute. She is perfect.

As for me, well, allergies are kicking my ass. I still can't get more than a few hours solid sleep at a time. And the last trusty pair of jeans that fit are suddenly a lot more comfortable if I leave them unbuttoned. I caught a glimpse of myself in the window at Target yesterday, and I realized my center of gravity has shifted, and suddenly my bump is a belly. I've put on minimal weight since getting pregnant, my doctors say the numbers are right where they should be. But, clearly, things are movin' around in there. And, they reminded me this week, those numbers? Are about to explode. Awesome.

Our chief occupation since learning the news Friday has been trying to pick a name. When the baby was a boy, we knew instantly, and in a week or two our whole family was referring to him by that name. Now that he's a she, well, we're having trouble pulling the trigger. Early on, we had two front runners, and suddenly now that we knew for sure, we had doubts. And mothers with opinions. And helpful suggestions. And now, instead of narrowing our list, it grows longer every day. So, I figure, what the heck....I'm humbly asking for your suggestions. Keep in mind, our last name is Hall, so there are a lot of names that will be ruled out simply because together they sound like a dorm. Lately our litmus test has been, does the name sound better in one of these two phrases:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise. The honorable Judge _____ _____ Hall, presiding." Or, "Gentlemen, please welcome to the main stage of the Snake Pit Lounge, ______ _____ Hall!" Obviously, we prefer the former...

So...suggestions? I'll probably post our list at some point...we'll see.


Honeyspy said...

"Did you ever fart in the bathtub as a kid? And the bubbles run up your back? That's exactly what it felt like."

God, Cort I love you. LOL


Quirky said...

Congrats on your little girl! I thought our baby was going to be a boy also, but now I see little boys running around in stores and I'm so glad we have a girl. (Not that girls never run around in stores, but they seem to have less of that manic energy...I hope). Anyway, don't sweat the name thing. It took us a couple of months to pick out a name, and a few more weeks after that to decide that yes, it was the one we wanted. (Zoe Elizabeth, in case you're wondering). So enjoy the ride mama! She'll be here before you know it!