Saturday, November 13, 2010

So that happened...

Well, I am officially unemployed.

Shortly after my last post, as if on cue (thanks, Universe, you have one hell of a sense of humor!), my replacement, the one I'd spent a month training, abruptly quit. Goodbye, days of freedom! So long, walks in the park!

So, I went back to work full time. For another three weeks. Luckily, resourceful gal that I am, I was able to contact my former decorating instructor, and with her help, I found my own *new* replacement. And she's leaps and bounds better than the last one. And she came everyday, and she learned from me, and she survived the scrutiny of my bosses. I think I love her.

Friday was my last day, without much pomp and circumstance. No parties or speeches or cards or gifts, just hugs and heartfelt goodbyes, which was just fine. In fact, it never felt like a last day. That is, until I got in my car and drove away. Approximately 50 feet from my parking space, I felt the lump in my throat rise, and the tears well. Endings, no matter how they are reached, always make me sad.

My last cake, for a Movie Themed Party


In other somewhat related news, it looks like I did NOT get the dream job I interviewed for (that one I felt so confident about, naturally--Universe, you are a HOOT!). Beyond my disappointment in not getting the job, the way it was handled was nothing short of unprofessional, and the best thing I can say is, well, glad I'm not going to be working for employers who treat their job candidates that way. Things work out the way they're supposed to, I suppose. I'll get over it. But I have to admit, the opportunity to work in an art related field was really attractive...maybe another opportunity just as good is around the corner. I'm keeping my eyes open, and the creative juices flowing...


While I look elsewhere (elsewhere and everywhere), I have a million ideas and projects to work on, and I have to admit, I'm pretty psyched about them. I decided rather suddenly this week to declare this year a Handmade Christmas, and I've already spent an inordinate amount of time compiling a notebook full of ideas, pictures, magazine clippings, and lists of web references. I want to make 90% of the gifts (okay, that figure is up for revision at anytime, but it's a goal, anyway). Tomorrow I'm dragging the ancient (no, let's call it... vintage) sewing machine out of my garage, and making learning to use it my pet project for the week. Gotta love a challenge, and besides, I've got some time on my hands :)

Last year's Sock Dog..more to come!


KatieKate said...

VINTAGE is definitely better, friend.

Wish you were closer... you could sit with me tonight at this sale thing while I fret about the next lady and how all her crocheted toilet paper covers are selling so well.

YOU WAIT for that perfect job. WAIT.

CortneyTree said...

A Vintage, 1972, Singer Stylist Model 513, to be exact. Sexy. It's missing the peg that holds the spool of thread, though, so I have to go search and see if those are (please, please?) somehow universal, and thus replaceable, or if I've got a dud on my hands.

I would totally sit with you and applaud the people with good taste who purchased at our table, and silent roll my eyes at those who are clearly, *ahem*, lacking, and are buying up crocheted TP covers with those weird doll heads attached like they're iPods on clearance.