Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Apparently, it's supposed to snow.
Nothing like what Jessica is currently experiencing, but, for us here in East Tennessee, this could be a big deal. It could also just be a weekend of really cold rain. But anyway, we're all getting our ducks in a row, just in case.

For me, this does not mean milk, eggs, and bread. (As my husband pointed out, why milk, eggs, and bread? Are we all having French toast?) For me, this means figuring out what I'm going to spend my Saturday cooking, since, when I'm snowed in, that is absolutely what I want to do. Okay, so it's what I do on a random Tuesday, also, but it's *really* what I do on snow days.

Thanks to a few posts from the Daring Baker's Challenges (of which I do not participate in, but read about anyway), we have a winner:
Nanaimo Bars.
Because they look good. Because, technically, they are no-bake, and that means I can bake some french bread loaves at the same time, if I be so inclined. And because they, like the artic mass of air that I hope is going to batter this gulf moisture into falling as snow, they come from Canada.

So, cross your fingers for snow for us here in K-town, for more breaks in the weather for poor Jess, and for a picture post on Sunday, right here, of my very own Nanaimo Bars. :)
See you then...

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Becky Swann said...

We are supposed to get snow here too!