Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Talk About Food, a Bulletin Point Entry

It's not spring yet. My house got dirty again far too quickly. I only saw two of the Oscar nominated movies (The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire). My job has become a tedious retail job again. None of these things are interesting. Only food has kept my attention lately (and rather unsurprisingly). So let's discuss, shall we? Feel free to comment on any, all, or none of these bullet points...
  • Last week I decided to do the majority of our grocery shopping from our own pantry and freezer, hoping to save a little space in the budget and rotate some product OUT of storage. The I bought the majority of additional items we needed from Dollar General, getting just bread and some produce from the regular grocery store. I spent a total of $31 for the week. That was pretty fun. What's the least amount you've managed to spend on groceries, or the longest you've been able to stay away from the store?
  • Today I blew all that off and went back to my regular shopping routine. Still managed to get some great deals and some extra stuff for the freezer. Spent about $80 instead, which I still feel good about. Do you shop with an eye toward future meals when the deals are there, or do you just focus on your immediate needs?
  • I am having a completely irrational and inexplicable need for French Fries. I have always been somewhat immune to fries, barring the occasional need for a small dollar menu purchase from McD's, but lately I could eat them every day and for every meal. I'm trying to keep it under control. I suppose this happens to everyone. What are your favorite cravings/occasional binge foods?
  • Valentine's sale candy is better than Christmas sale candy. We can't seem to STOP buying this stuff, though I'm trying very hard to keep the candy consumption to a reasonable, Daisy Bee Bees-conscious level. Easter candy is out now, and it's probably my favorite. Do you have a favorite holiday candy? Conversation hearts? Cadbury eggs? Candy Canes? Etc?
  • Now that it's back in commission, my oven is being used ALL DAY today. My brother is coming over, it's my day off, and I've been without the ability to bake for too long. All this is combining for the perfect storm. I'm trying out a new ciabatta recipe today (thanks Cook's Illustrated), making twice-baked potatoes, cooking a slow-roasted garlic crusted roast beef, and heating up a blueberry pie for dessert. We're also having Zuchini fritters, but those don't require the oven. What are y'all having for dinner?
  • Anthony Bourdain is coming to Knoxville April 4th. I don't think we can afford tickets, but I'm trying to devise a way we can make it work anyhow. He's one of the few food guys I would pay just to hear tell stories. Maybe Gordon Ramsey too, but I think that's more because I like his accent. Who would you pay to spend a few hours listening to them talk?
  • Man vs. Food is a great highway accident of a show. I'm horrified, but I can't look away. Also, I want to go visit every single place they showcase. In honor of the trip to Seattle and the 12 egg omelet, I made Matt his own Chili Cheese Sour Cream Omelet (with only 4 eggs) on Sunday. Anybody else watching this show? Anyone have any over-the-top meal/food stories?
  • Finally, can someone, somewhere, give me something to talk about other than food? Sooner than later, our wastelines here on Blue Meadow will be eternally grateful...

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KatieKate said...

Hmmm. Very good questions. I don't know what the smallest amount I've ever spent on groceries is... but we certainly have freezer/pantry weeks where I work around whatever's in there.

Our weekly budget for 2.5 peeps and a 100# dog is $100. I think I usually spend about $85 of that on groceries and the rest on stuff that's IN the grocery store but bot a grocery... like socks. Or chocolate. Or chocolate socks.