Monday, February 2, 2009

Did I talk about snow before?

Because I was crazy. That wasn't snow, that was just a dusty afternoon.

Yesterday was a glorious 60 degree day, with cloudless blue skies. My husband mowed the lawn. And today, today as I sit here and type, the snow is piling all around me. East Tennessee Weathermen are LOSERS. And when I say this, please do not think I'm sad about this new snowfall. I'm thrilled, mostly because I just *knew* they had it wrong, and got all my errands finished yesterday. Because the predicted rain had only begun slightly as I headed to an appointment this morning (a do-over of an appointment from the 19th that gratefully did not get moved a record 2nd time because of snow), and because the giant flakes of snow the rain morphed into in less than an hour had only just begun to accumulate by the time I headed to Walgreens for my final pass at productivity today. I made it home having only slipped and slid twice coming down the big hill at Campbell Station, driving through the Winter Wonderland that I had forgotten Knoxville had the ability to be. In short, y'all, it's snowing like mad, and I'm loving it.

*Now, my Colorado and Mid-west contingent would find the accumulation we've got so far truly laughable. But it's the most we've seen here in these moderate southern parts for quite some time. The kids are going to go APE.*

So, now that I'm home and warm and safe, I'm spending the day cozily ensconced by the fire, with a stack of library books, hot chocolate, and Chex Mix leftover from Super Bowl Supper. Later there will be spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove top, and a mandatory screening of Groundhog Day, another story of a "blizzard" and a perfect day, and rather appropriate for more than just the calendar date. Today has been good in all the ways that my Friday was not, and I would not mind repeating it.

So, yes, um, sorry...what else is new?

We had a lovely weekend spent largely the way married people spend their weekends, at Lowe's. Actually, only a small part took place at Lowe's, but that place just seems to be such a catalyst for all manner of other things around here. We now have new and improved smoke detectors and a great new combo door stop/door latch on our problematic bathroom door. We bought new birdseed and an great new birdfeeder on clearance, just in time for the storm. We shuffled a dozen more Christmas boxes in the garage and took huge steps in making it functional again. We worked on our February budget, ate pizza, and went to see The Wrestler. We talked and planned and schemed and organized, and all in all felt very productive. It was good. February is off to a nice start.

I wish I had more to say, but beyond the mundane and everyday, beyond the grind of Brinks and the Bakery and school and whatnot, well, we've still only got talk. But Matt and I are figuring things out, and by the time we thaw out over here, and spring arrives and my heart swells with the dogwood blooms, we might have actual plans for our future. So, yes, we've got that going for us. ;)

I'm about to go and start on the second of my library books, "the green book", and I'm wondering if any of you have read it, and if so, what did you think? Was there anything in the book you weren't already doing that it made you decide to do?


KatieKate said...

Dude! We toally spend all our 'together' time at Lowes, too! It's crazy, but that's where we go.

sunday said...

we are home depot people here! something about that orange is so comforting to me and it must be a georgia this. sounds like a wonderful weekend. they keep saying snow here, but so far nothing. it was snowing but nothing sticking and now it is over. oh well. i think i am going to give up.