Thursday, May 1, 2008

What are YOU up to, anyway?

A week and two days later, let me say thanks to you guys for the birthday wishes. In lieu of the "one big day" celebration, we strung the whole shebang out a week, an option I strongly suggest to you all. Instead of heaping all the pressure on one day to be perfect (and Lord knows my birthdays never turn out that way), I had a great time celebrating like this: my favorite meal (friedchickenriceandgravy) with Matt's parents on Monday; pottery class and dinner at the Crown and Goose pub on my real birthday; dinner with my brother and Ryn at Nama for Sushi on Wednesday; a nice cookout on the deck on Thursday; and a matinee of "Baby Mama" on Friday. Good week, good stuff. I guess I'm officially *IN* my thirties now. 31 seems to work for me. I've taken to saying I'm "Thirty Wonderful". Thanks, Baskin Robbins--Please don't sue me. ;)

Allergies were at their peak last week, and seem to be getting better everyday, and I'm ever-so grateful for that, but I'm still a snotty mess with Vaporub under my nostrils--here's hoping that clears up shortly too.

Y'all, I LOVE my grill. Specifically, I love the rotisserie--last night we had a couple racks of ribs with Mac&Cheese and green beans with bacon. DEElicious! Can't wait to put a chicken on there :) Oh, and my newest side dish du jour? Chop some fresh asparagus into chunks, and sautee in a little butter or olive oil with red onion until it's tender, then at the last minute, toss in some walnuts and blue cheese crumbles--holy pajamas, you guys, SO GOOD! I think it would be great tossed with some pasta for a main dish too.

The last day of pottery class was Tuesday, I glazed the last 4 of my pots and will pick 'em up this weekend, but in the mean time, here's a few pictures of the less-than-perfect beginner pots I've made, with plenty more on my Flickr page. I'm already signed up for the June/July session, where I plan to bang out Christmas presents at lightning speed. The really good ones are to come, including the mug I made for my hubby, because I AM AN AWESOME WIFE, you know?
In the mean time, I am contenting myself with loads of work outside--this time of year how can you help but want to dig around in the dirt? The deck is coming along beautifully, and the front yard is nearly set. I still have some more monkey grass to transplant, and I bought some impatiens and hostas for the shady front bed that I'll hopefully get put in today or tomorrow. We got a gorgeous double-blooming Carolina jessamine in a big mexican pot just waiting to climb up the as-yet-to-be-built pergola, a beautiful blue hydrangea and a butterfly bush in my favorite variety from Frank and Ruth Ann for my birthday, and a giant iron rooster planter as an impulse purchase this weekend. We saw him, and, well, just had to have him. His name is Rusty, and I'll post pictures as soon as he's planted (I'm thinking Cock's Comb and Hens and Chickens...).

Have a beautiful weekend, y'all, I know I'm planning to! Yard pictures next week, Shanna has inspired me!


KatieKate said...

several things here:
1. holy pyjamas? I'm totally stealing that. THAT has made my day.

2. asparagus and onion and butter and bleu cheese and walnuts? stealing that too. My lanta.

3. Your pots look AWESOME. Fantastico. Magnifico.

4. I cannot WAIT to see Rusty. He sounds absolutely fabulous. Again, good thing we don't live next door to each other.

CortneyTree said...

Steal away, my lovely!
I first heard Holy Pajamas from the adorable Chip in the movie "Shag", with which I am certain you are familiar, and lately it's been working it's way into my every day speech. I said it last night while playing a video game with Matt and he nearly fell off the couch laughing, I took it as a good sign that I, too, am adorable.

The Asparagus thing could not be easier, you'll love it!

Rusty, I have decided, is my substitute for not being able to have *actual* chickens. Were he not larger than your child (maybe twice as big), I'd mail you his brother, who is still hanging out at the gift shop.

Shanna, Adam and Gracen said...

happy late birthday!!

i'm loving the pottery! i was a pottery class dropout with my sister in college due to the early class. it started at 9:30. i'm still not sure how i graduated...

have fun in the yard. we're having issues because the more we do, the more we see things that need to be done and it becomes overwhelming. i'm thinking i need someone to give me a good 10K, and i'll just hire a landscaper. Maybe 20K.

Michie said...

Happy Belated birthday! Sounds like you had a great week! Your pottery looks great! :)