Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new...

So, here we are, the last day of 2007, and of course, I'm all reflective :)

I'm pretty sure 2007 will go down in history as the biggest year of my life, what with getting engaged, turning 30, getting married, buying a house, etc. In case you all hadn't heard yet, Cortney's new slogan is NO MAJOR LIFE EVENTS IN 2008! I'm not averse to new life events, of course, but really, I could use the year off. We're already so excited to face the new year, and have been making plans for all the time we're going to spend focusing on getting our life nice and orderly!

For 2008, our goals are all about the house, making it more of a home, more "ours" every day. There are tons of upgrades to make, lots of painting to do, and of course, there's priority #1--the garage--to get organized, so all our Christmas goodies find a home!

I always like to pick a new skill to learn , and this year I'm planning on taking a wheel throwing pottery class, and hopefully teaching myself to sew. I inherited an ancient machine, and as soon as we get a few things done around the house, I hope to find a good spot to set it up and start practicing.

We've been doing pretty well with both meal planning and budgeting, but we'd like to buckle down a little more seriously in the coming year, get really on track, so that we function practically on auto-pilot when it comes to these two biggies--we recognize the importance and all the wonderful things planning like this brings to our lives, but sometimes we get a bit lazy/rebellious about them!

Matt begins the week, the year really, with his new job. His shiny new salaried, supervisory job. My baby runs a department. 2008 is so full of promise--our future's so bright, I had to buy new shades. *I really did*

It seems like Christmas came and went in a flash, and though I usually like to hang on to it all for a while, this year I'm actually looking forward to packing it all away and getting down to business. There's not much "business" taking place today, so I've already spent my morning in the kitchen, trying my best to consolidate leftover cookies and cleaning all the Christmas themed dishes, towels, glasses, tins, etc so I can get them put away soon. I'm still burning the piney-scented candles though, I'm a sucker for the smell and really, they'll work all winter long. I'm a grown-up, it's my house, I can do what I want.

They're predicting snow for New Year's Day, and though the cynical (read:LOGICAL) part of me keeps shouting not to get my hopes up, I have butterflies at the thought of even a dusting of white stuff at the new place. It'd make a great picture for my New Year's cards...

Anyway, I've got my black-eyed peas and my turnip greens all ready for New Year's Day, not to mention some cheese grits and fried green tomatoes. We'll ring it in tonight by the fire, with our traditional annual viewing of "When Harry Met Sally...", and tomorrow with some good southern veggies, some football, and lots of talk about what's to come. Yes, 2007 was a huge year, and hard to top on paper I suppose, but that's the best part about the future--you never know what to expect. Here's hoping the New Year brings you something special!

Rock on, kids. Rock. On.

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