Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Almost Time...

The clock is ticking, gang! It's almost Christmas!! The Halls could not be having a better weekend, thanks for asking! Matt came home Friday to announce that not only did he land the huge promotion we've been waiting to hear about, BUT, he managed to wrangle Christmas OFF as well! Much rejoicing commenced, let me tell ya! So with loads of time on our hands, we've been playing last minute elves, gathering up some stocking stuffers, wrapping the last of the presents, and grocery shopping for the big dinner Tuesday. The most expensive piece of meat I have ever laid eyes on is chillin' in the garage fridge, along with all the breakfast fixin's, mixers, and beer. I've finished up loads of cookies and a batch of homemade marshmallows (so easy and so good, y'all have to try it!), and my Christmas centerpiece is just awaiting some final touches of greenery for the big day. Matt was busy cleaning up leaves from the yard when Brinks called offering double bonus time for anyone willing to come in for a few hours today, and we figured what the heck, so he's off earning a few bonus holiday bucks--that'll pay for dinner! Meanwhile, once my blogging is complete, I'm off to set up the guest room, do some sweeping and vacuuming, and whatever else is necessary to make sure the house passes inspection! Hope your holidays are shaping up as beautifully as ours! Merry Christmas, gang, and much love from Blue Meadow Lane!

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