Wednesday, December 26, 2007

From Christmas Morning to Christmas Night...

Matt will not like that I published this picture, but seeing as he got me up at 6 am to open presents like he was five years old, I consider it karma, delicious and divine. He's chowing down on the fruits of my ridiculous gift of, yes I am serious, an Egg McMuffin Machine. KatieKate and Shanna in particular, I admit to the McMuffin Machine for you, lest you think from my dinner pictures later that I'm a food snob. I have already eaten and made more McMuffins in two days than possibly my whole life, and I love this machine with all my heart. Particularly since I hate making breakfast with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. Or something like that.

Here's me, post-present extravaganza with the hubby, post shower, post bed-making, wishing my parents a Merry Christmas and getting an ETA on their arrival. It's about 10:30 AM in this picture, and I'm starting on the chocolate tart. I would remain standing and in this kitchen cooking until approximately 3:00 PM. I consider it the most grueling workout I've had all year, and that includes MOVING. It is because of this that I have absolutely no guilt or remorse regarding the obscene amount of food I consumed, and, let's admit it, am still consuming today. And tomorrow. Through New Year's, probably.

The table, dressed and set, with dinner ready to rock. We used all red and gold, and kids, it was GORGEOUS.

Prime Rib for everyone. I was so nervous about this roast, but it turned out great. Buy a probe meat thermometer, the kind with the cord that runs out of the oven and that will beep at you relentlessly when your meat reaches the right temp. You will never regret it, especially if you like your meat as rare as I do!

The Dessert Buffet. Set for round 3 of guests/presents/festivities.

Peanut butter fudge, cathedral cookies on top, shortbread with apricots and pecans and chocolate orange thumbprint cookies on the bottom.

The famed fancy shmancy Chocolate pecan tart. The clear winner in the dessert challenge, my brother insisted on having a piece for the road this morning before he would leave my house.

A good shot of my centerpiece.

The Fruitcake. So good. Not enough booze in it. Will do better next year...

Christmas eve we made this Gingerbread house with Matt's parents. That's a Power T on the door. Go Vols.

The Moms :) We were chillin' by the fire after dinner, enjoying the calm before the storm of more relatives, more presents, and much more, um, festiveness. Is that a word? No? Well that's what it was. Abundant Festiveness.

My darling hubby, setting up the coffee bar. Baby, you're the cutest thing ever.

My baby bro, showing off The Beard, before it's gone for good.

Lucy's tuckered out! Too much excitement, she curled in a ball most of the night. Mike started calling her Firefox, and really, doesn't she look exactly like the Firefox logo?

My darling grandparents, and Aunt Micki--this was the last moment anyone was still all night, and the last time I had a chance to use the camera. It was a glorious evening. To everyone that could be with us, I hope you loved it as much as I did. To everyone that couldn't be, you were missed, and you have an open invitation to join the party, any time you like. Come visit us in Tennessee, and we'll do our best to make any and every day as much fun as this Christmas!

As always, there are plenty more pictures from this set over on Flickr!

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