Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Adventures in Real Estate...

Tonight Matt and I are meeting with our ol' pal Aram, who in the last year or so has become a licensed real estate agent. Aram, in addition to hooking us up with an appraiser to come out and take a look at my house, is going to get some info to plug into a handy little search program he has that can find all the houses listed in Knoxville that meet our criteria. Should be interesting, even if it is, as always, a bit premature, seeing as how we haven't put my house on the market yet. But hopefully soon, and someone looking for an as-is fixer upper is just waiting for it, I hope. The real estate market is scaring the bejeezus out of me. In the mean time, I continue to keep a watchful eye on my dream house, which has been on the market just shy of one month. I'm hoping, praying actually, that this little house a) doesn't disappear on me, and b) stays on the market so long that the offer we can afford to make on it doesn't make the sellers laugh in our faces. If not, of course, I can safely sigh and say it wasn't meant to be. But, OH, how I love this house, y'all.So, tonight we'll see what Aram has to allow, and we'll keep plugging away. I cannot wait for the day when all this is settled and we're finally in a house, a permanent location, for a good long while. I think that's when I'll really, truly feel just how married we are!


Jessica, Myron and Rylie said...


Mom said they had fun at your WEdding party! We wanna see pictures!!

CortneyTree said...

Oh, it was a blast for sure! Matt and I were so busy we didn't get any pictures on our camera, but we're hoping for some from family and friends any day now!

Anonymous said...

wow - I love your house too !
hard to give up those homes we love
Hope you got good news on it.

Kim Haynie